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Concrete to Abstract Syntax Trees (CST -> AST)

Using SableCC in Eclipse

Here is a nice tutorial on how to setup SableCC in your Eclipse development environment:

Alternative Output (SableCC 3.x)

Indrek Mandre has developed an alternative output module for SableCC 3.x which generates C#, C++, O'Caml, Python, C, dotgraph, and xml code.


Definitive Reference

The original thesis:


Other Documentation (Old Site)

The documentation page of the old site is located at


LexerUnitTests - Writing unit tests for your lexer rules

Compiler Design Textbooks Which Use SableCC

Appel, Andrew, Modern Compiler Implementation in Java (2nd edition), Cambridge University Press, 2002.

Bergmann, Seth D., Compiler Design: Theory, Tools, and Examples, (available free at

Mailing List Archive

The MailingList archives (including historical ones) contain a huge amount of information and answers to common questions.


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